Corporate Recovery/ Insolvency


Our recovery specialists can identify the causes of financial problems and find solutions to help re-establish companies. This means that insolvency and, ultimately, the demise of a business can be avoided.

To achieve this objective, diverse skills are often required. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, all of which can help to build a long-term future for stakeholders.

We also have a great deal of experience in helping individuals who are struggling financially to regain control of their affairs.

In addition, we advise directors in conjunction with their legal advisers on the practical implementation of trading on a business in financial difficulty and their responsibilities under the Companies Act 2001.

We are conversant with the Companies Act and Labour Act and necessary statutes in respect of receiverships and winding ups.

We can take care of administration, receivership, liquidation and Corporate Voluntary Arrangement appointments. We have the resources and background to advise insolvent companies, their creditors and other stakeholders and implementing the best solution for all parties involved.

Our corporate recovery/insolvency services can undertake the following procedures in compliance with the laws of the land:

  • Administration of Receiverships
  • Liquidation
  • Fixed Charges Appointment
  • Court Appointed Receiver Managers
  • Voluntary Receivership