Audit and Assurance


Many organisations, mainly companies, require an audit or independent review of their accounts. The annual audit is a compulsory requirement for companies with turnover in excess of Rs. 50 million per annum or where it is required by other regulatory bodies e.g. Financial Services Commission and Companies Division.

We provide independent auditing of financial reporting and risk focussed reviews of business processes and controls. We implement Business Audit methodology which begins by understanding your business context and identify your business risks. Our risk based audit approach requires our team to fully understand your business so that we can focus our work on those areas where we believe we can make the biggest contribution. We use a fully computerised, paperless audit system, which utilises a mini network and portable scanners to conduct the audit and to monitor its progress. The system can also produce useful trend data for our clients. Incorporated into the package are checklists to ensure our compliance with professional standards, particularly in the areas of independence and the quality control of our audit work.

We emphasize service in our work. Constantly seeking to help our clients make their businesses more profitable and efficient. As a part of our audit service, we will identify areas of weaknesses and strength, develop ideas and recommendations for ways to improve your business. We will discuss these ideas with you in detail and summarize them in a useful, separate management letter. The implementation of these ideas often can lead to efficiencies or increased profits. Our audit team not only have knowledge, experience and rigorous adherence to professional standards and guidelines, they are also approachable and understandable, and can contribute valuable advice to your business.

Our services
We offer statutory audits to all enes, including listed companies, all sizes of private company, Limited Liability Partnerships and charies of a certain size and criteria which are required by law to have their financial statements audited.
A non-statutory audit is an audit that is not required by law and will be offered to sole traders, partnerships, small companies, clubs and certain charies.
In certain circumstances, we also offer special purpose audits for specific reporng or contractual agreements.
Design & implementation of internal control systems.